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Raised Bed Site is Adjusted

adding sun.My new raised bed location needed to have more sun.

Thanks to my resident woodman (husband) a few young beach

trees were removed. The strawberries and blueberries will

enjoy the improved light. As I’ve been reading dozens of

catalogs ,the difficult part is selecting the right plants

plants.  The current plan will be to plant a small variety

blueberry in the center of  four of the 4×4 beds. These will need

acidic soil. I can easily control this is in the raised beds.

Strawberries will be put in two other beds. The beds that

are in the front of my u-shaped arrangement should be the most attractive. I’m thinking about using some herbs such as Purple Ruffles basil.

Since the weather forecast is for rain, the digging of sod and

other steps will have to wait. I will pot up the plants that I

order and keep them happy in good soil until their new

home is ready.

That reminds me of my purchase of seeding trees a few years

ago from the soil and conservation program. I potted several

of those little guys and they were much stronger in the fall

with well-developed roots. I also had a better home for them

that had well prepared soil and a well thought out placement.

Join me next time “Turning Over Stones”.


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