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Monthly Archives: March, 2012

A Local Peep Show

    This is day two on the chick watch. Days ago when visiting a local garden store, Chagrin Pet and Garden Supply, I learned chicks were on their way. Years ago this was common. Flash forward, they are returning. Luxurious coops, feeding and watering stations and cute corrals were staged for arrival on March …

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Wonderful Winter Witches

I went on an outing to the Brotzman Nursery in Madison, Ohio on February 29th. I was excited to see their display of Witch- hazels, Hamamelis. They were over 150 in number of varieties. Some are almost like small trees, mollis, and some were more shrub-like, vernalis. The shrubs types require removal of suckers. The colors varied from yellow ,to …

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The Sweetness of Spring

 It’s maple syrup season in Northeast Ohio. The maple trees are tapped and the sap has been rising since early February. The buckets, bags and plastic tubes carry 50 gallons of sap for every 1 gallon of syrup that will produced from an oil fueled evaporator at the sugar house. In Burton Ohio, at the town …

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