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Wonderful Winter Witches

I went on an outing to the Brotzman Nursery in Madison, Ohio on February 29th. I was excited to see their display of Witch- hazels, Hamamelis. They were over 150 in number of varieties. Some are almost like small trees, mollis, and some were more shrub-like, vernalis. The shrubs types require removal of suckers. The colors varied from yellow ,to orange and red. The fragrance was subtle on that cold blustery day. I mentally began to plan a winter garden with hellebore, Redosier Dogwoods and witch- hazels. Maybe I should include some crocus and snowdrops. Now where should this proposed garden go? It must be visible from the window.

Witch hazels are worth researching. a recommended book , Witch-Hazels ,by Chris Lane for the Royal Horticulture Society includes writing by Tim Brotzman. With the right selections, I could paint a beautiful winter scene in the garden. The warm weather here in the Northeast Ohio region will halt the flowers of this plant, but Fall will bring some lovely color to the garden with witch hazel foliage.

Hamamelis Deutsch: Zaubernuß English: Witch-ha...

Image via Wikipedia

Join me soon as we turn over stones.


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