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A Local Peep Show


  This is day two on the chick watch. Days ago when visiting a local garden store, Chagrin Pet and Garden Supply, I learned chicks were on their way. Years ago this was common. Flash forward, they are returning. Luxurious coops, feeding and watering stations and cute corrals were staged for arrival on March 19th. Dim memories of our childhood neighbors keeping chicks in the attic came back to me. I made phone calls, then a visit to see the new chicks. At 3:00 pm, word from the local post office was that the chicks did not arrive on the last delivery. What were parents to do? Wait another day was the choice. Were they stranded like the human traveler? Maybe they were being patted down by security.

Today another call is made. Pay-dirt! They arrived at approximately 10:30 am. My car sped to the store. As I pasted the magnolias and daffodils basking in the sun, I looked forward to seeing the balls of fluff. Oh, so cute! One new parent had her cardboard tote and supplies in hand. I asked to take her picture. She has 7 adults at home. She has a leg up on the novices.

I will not take on chickens. I chose pink pansies as my new purchase. Since our spring projects and chores started very early, winter was canceled, May will be interesting. Will I feel satisfied for my achievements or exhausted by venturing beyond my energy level.

One last word for today. I am the proud winner in garden lottery. My Helleborus have given me offspring! I found many seedlings hiding  under the protective leaves of the the parent plants. I don’t buy Powerball tickets, but when I tend my gardens I sometimes hit the jackpot. Good luck to all my readers. Remember if you don’t plant, you cant win.. March pics 203

March pics 197March pics 199


March pics 205March pics 211March pics 208

Join me next time Turning Over Stones.



  1. Nice story. Your lucky you have such a nice old fashioned type store that brings in chicks. They don’t happen to do rabbits or other small animals for suburban farming?

  2. jill thompson

    great article and very entertaining!

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