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New Orleans and New Raised Beds

After a few weeks of enjoying early projects in the garden, snowflakes return. We had a couple of freezes, and survived with nips ,but not severe damage. A March visit to New Orleans gave me the azalea fix until mine bloom. March is a perfect time to visit the city with it’s  wonderful food,history and music. The botanical garden there is quite nice. A Japanese garden, vegetable garden and train garden are interesting aspects of the display. It adjoins a sculpture garden with lovely plantings as backdrops for the sculpture pieces.DSC_0262      DSCF4198          DSC_0261

Balconies in the French Quarter are able to display ferns and colorful hanging baskets year round.


Here as the weather keeps me inside, I look out onto the progress of our new raised beds. We dug out sod from the center of the arrangement, dumped the sod inside the boxes and put down 3 inches of chipped gravel in the open areas and paths. The chipped gravel is flat and has a nice grey green color. I used my Mantis to till the sod and now I have 4 inches of that mixture in the bottom of the 10 inch deep beds. I will put several layers of newspaper to block grass growing and the add 5 inches of a compost-topsoil mixture. I will be planting blueberries, strawberries and salad greens and herbs in my beds. I’ll be Turning Over Stones so read my next blog. Nancy

garden 04-12-12 008


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  1. jill thompson

    your raised beds really are looking amazing. such a tidy approach to gardening and should be great to maintain!

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